Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch ReviewHave you ever wanted to buy that special gift for your man? Or do you wish to buy something for yourself that is a symbol of prestige and class?

You may have seen the ad for the Kansas City railroad pocket watch. This new watch is one of the rare timepieces that has captured the attention of America.

What is so special about this watch? Why are so many people interested in this pocket watch?

The number one reason is because of the looks. It is a close replica of the pocket watches that were common in ‘the wild west’ in order to keep accurate railroad time.

The looks are somewhat mesmerizing, as you can watch the internal movements of the watch. The gold pieces inside are enclosed by the silver surroundings. This gives it a very rich look.

And that brings up the second point. As beautiful as the watch looks, it is very reasonably priced (about $30 plus S&H). It is not uncommon to find watches like this at many times the cost. But modern technology has made it possible to produce this high quality watch at a very reasonable price.

But there is a third reason that many are considering this pocket watch. The history behind it.

The history of the original watch (that this one was a replica of) has a very special story behind it.

First, this watch was owned by an engineer of a train. The beauty and accuracy of the watch was superb.

But this watch, as the story goes, was stolen from the conductor by Jesse James during a train robbery.

Well there were a lot of things stolen that day from the passengers on this train. But, as the story continues, this watch was different.  Jessie James decided to return this watch to its owner and, thus, the watch became somewhat famous because of this incident.

Whether this story is 100% accurate or not, who really knows. But the one thing that has come of this watch is high craftsmanship and a beautiful timepiece out of a bygone era.

Some modern day craftsmen have made this beautiful timepiece available to us. For those of us that enjoy some of the classical stories and paraphernalia from this era, this pocket watch is a real find.

This watch comes with the fob and chain. It comes in two colors. If you want an all gold colored watch, then you can order it that way. If you want the silver color with the gold colored interior pieces, then that is available as well.

This watch has been certified by the American Historic Society and the story behind it certainly ads ‘some color’ to this timepiece.

This watch can be worn as a pocket watch, of course, or it can also be worn as a very unique necklace.

This watch does need to be wound periodically, which sets it apart from most of the watches today that do not need winding. But it would be pretty difficult to replicate a watch from this era if it did not need winding.

This watch is a great gift for anyone ‘that has everything’, but is available at a price that is quite affordable for most. Overall, this watch is a very good choice, especially for those that desire ‘a little classic timepiece’ in their pocket.

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